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It’s an adventure.
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[SSA] Justin Daly by Chemical-Beatz
[SSA] Justin Daly
Name: Justin Daly
Age: 21
Gender : Male
Height : 5'9''

Sailor Name: Sailor Callisto
Weapon: Purple Glitter Perfume that turns into a Paint Ball Gun.
Rank: Peon
Affinity: Glitter

Personality: Justin can seem fairly prissy at times, but is a generally nice person all around. He's generally very picky about who he associates with, but it's not because he thinks he's better than people. It's just that they can help him get somewhere and the others can't so......yeah. He'll still be nice and all, but please go away. He's also quite the germaphobe and hates to get dirty at least until it comes to his exercising. He doesn't mind getting dirty if it's from sweating and exercising, because he is a very active person. He can be fairly snobbish about what clothes he wears as well. Usually he's a big materialistic person, so his things have to be "name" brand items. He's also a fairly artistic person and enjoys coloring in adult coloring books any chance he gets.
History : Justin was born and raised in Sacramento, California. His parents were fairly well known to a few people in the city seeing as his mother is a author for one of the countries popular women's fashion magazines. His father owns his own golf course and is the head chef for the golf club's diner. Justin lived his normal life growing up on his own since neither of his parents wanted another child. It seemed silly when they barely had time for him, but their nanny was paid to care for him so they wouldn't have to. He usually got whatever he wanted as long as it kept him out of their hair, so whatever big name brand article of clothes or electronic was currently popular he was one of the first few who got it. All up until he was sixteen years old. His parents got into a huge fight and ended up getting a divorce. His mother took custody of Justin, so he lived with his mother. every now and then he'd hear from his father, but his father got too busy with his new family.

After all of this happened his mother had to fire the nanny, because she couldn't afford to pay the nanny to care for Justin anymore. He was old enough now to handle himself, and she felt she could probably have a relationship with him now seeing as he should be of mature age. It all went pretty well until Justin turned eighteen when his mother believed he wasn't going to amount to anything and just wanted her to pay for him for the rest of his life. So, she convinced him to go to college to do something. He agreed especially because she gave him a large sum of money to take and use. So he moved out of state and went to an art school in Las Vegas, Nevada for a photography degree.

For a couple of years it went fine, but he soon blew all the money his mom gave him. Sadly, it wasn't on school related items. It was on designer clothes, and accessories. So, he had to drop out and try to figure out how to pay for his bills now. Thankfully he had a good friend that he lived with, and they started to explore the night life wandering from bar to bar. That's when he was found by the university. He was given an offer to go and make something of himself. He agreed to it only because he felt the university could do better for him than any of his friends.
Likes & Dislikes :
-Smelling Good
-Adult Coloring Books
-Shiny Things
-Bothersome People
-Sour Food
Kaotica by Chemical-Beatz
One of the local queens in my area that I absolutely adore. Her Drag is absolutely inspiring and she is amazing! Check her out on her facebook page…
RDRS8 - KimChi - First Impression by Chemical-Beatz
RDRS8 - KimChi - First Impression
I'm absolutely in love with Kim Chi and love her looks so much! Both her looks from the first episode are so DELICIOUS!!
RDRS8 - Acid Betty by Chemical-Beatz
RDRS8 - Acid Betty
Really wanted to draw Acid Betty, because she is an amazing makeup artist and I knew drawing her would be a challenge. The left is one of her looks outside the show and the right is the premiere look.
 Hello, again everyone on Da. It has been a while since I've posted anything, but gonna be posting things soon hopefully. Since I've been at school most of my time is focused there, but seeing as I am not going to have enough money to get myself to school or other expenses I thought I'd ask for help. I'm going to open commissions again and sell them for $10. All are Full Body and colored. I've also done a lot of traditional art lately, but do not worry. I'm going to sketch it Traditionally, but ink and color it digitally.
 If you are interested please note pm me and give me information on what you'd like. I'm not going to do slots yet, so it's open to however many I can get.


Linework + Color + Simple shading: $10

 Digital: Pin Up / Pin Up Sketch / Ink and Color / Ink and Color

 Traditional: Linework / Linework Turnaround / Ink and Color / Ink and Color

All for $10

 Thank you very much for looking and I'd love to draw your ocs! I will do NSFW or SFW. I will draw both Female and Male, and I also do furry characters. I'd like to stay away from -

Anything Gorey,


Chemical-Beatz's Profile Picture
Nathan D. Chapman
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Hudson, FL
Favourite genre of music: Dance, Pop, Dubstep, Electronica, K-Pop, Rock
Favourite photographer: Sierra Nicole Lebo
Tools: Traditional - Pencils, Charcoal, Markers, Erasures, Acrylic Paints. Digital - Manga Studio 5 EX, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai
Operating System: Windows 7 - 8
Favourite cartoon character: Jake Long , Mac, and SpongeBob!
Personal Quote: "No Music...No Life" "More Contrast!"

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