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It’s an adventure.
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FFP = Azeal's Ability Tree by Chemical-Beatz
FFP = Azeal's Ability Tree


  • Cure
  • Libra
  • Power Break
  • Dispel
  • EnShock
  • EnFrost
  • BarShock
  • Flametongue
  • Ice Brand
  • Thunder Blade
  • Liquid Steel
  • Cyclone


  • Breakdown


Level 1 - 0 EXP

Level 2 - 50 EXP

  • Libra
  • 1 ability
  • 10 stat points
  • 15 MP, 30 HP

Level 3 - 125 EXP

  • 15 stat points
  • 40 MP, 40 HP
  • 3 abilities

Level 4 - 200 EXP

  • 10 stat points
  • 55 MP, 55 HP
  • 3 abilities
  • 1 Dressphere

Level 5 - 275 EXP

  • 23 stat points
  • 118 HP, 60 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 6 - 350 EXP

  • 10 stat points
  • 57 HP, 20 MP
  • 3 abilities

Level 7 - 425 EXP

  • 15 stat points
  • 103 HP, 20 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 8 - 500 EXP

  • 23 stat points
  • 56 HP, 109 MP
  • 3 abilities

Level 9 - 575 EXP

  • 14 stat points
  • 67 HP, 79 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 10 - 650 EXP

  • 19 stat points
  • 89 HP, 26 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 11 - 750 EXP

  • 25 stat points
  • 90 HP, 90 MP
  • 2 abilities
  • 1 Overdrive

Level 12 - 850 EXP

  • 19 stat points
  • 25 HP, 52 MP
  • 1 ability
  • 1 Dressphere

Level 13 - 950 EXP

  • 21 stat points
  • 47 HP, 74 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 14 - 1050 EXP

  • 12 stat points
  • 74 HP, 47 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 15 - 1150 EXP

  • 26 stat points
  • 35 HP, 53 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 16 - 1250 EXP

  • 23 stat points
  • 53 HP, 35 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 17 - 1350 EXP

  • 32 stat points
  • 79 HP, 80 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 18 - 1450 EXP

  • 24 stat points
  • 97 HP, 8 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 19 - 1550 EXP

  • 42 stat points
  • 75 HP, 75 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 20 - 1650 EXP

  • 24 stat points
  • 57 HP, 57 MP
  • 3 abilities
  • 1 Dressphere

Level 21 - 1775 EXP

  • 12 stat points
  • 50 HP, 50 MP
  • 3 abilities
  • 1 Overdrive

Level 22 - 1900 EXP

  • 21 stat points
  • 69 HP, 96 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 23 - 2025 EXP

  • 17 stat points
  • 90 HP, 60 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 24 - 2150 EXP

  • 13 stat points
  • 124 HP, 23 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 25 - 2275 EXP

  • 31 stat points
  • 23 HP, 124 MP
  • 1 ability

Level 26 - 2350 EXP

  • 23 stat points
  • 45 HP, 67 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 27 - 2475 EXP

  • 32 stat points
  • 54 HP, 76 mP
  • 2 abilities
  • 1 Overdrive

Level 28 - 2600 EXP

  • 14 stat points
  • 67 HP, 45 MP
  • 3 abilities
  • 1 Dressphere

Level 29 - 2725 EXP

  • 41 stat points
  • 76 HP, 54 MP
  • 2 abilities

Level 30 - 2850 EXP

  • 21 stat points
  • 56 HP, 18 MP
  • 1 ability
A sweet slice of Tilly Pie by Chemical-Beatz
A sweet slice of Tilly Pie
 Wanted to really draw :iconllajll:'s character Tilly and here she is! <3
MH : Liam Matthews by Chemical-Beatz
MH : Liam Matthews

My new character for :iconmagica-hostia: he is a hottie patotie and I love him so.
<da:thumb id="2664995893292129">


            Liam Matthews 





              - Postcards
              - Driving and going fast
              - Running
              - The Outdoors
              - Dogs and Horses
              - Jewelry

              - People who talk a lot and lecturing
              - Snow
              - Reading
              - Being told to slow down


            For the most part Liam is a laid back character who generally would just rather nap underneath a tree than actually in his own bed. He is a rather friendly person, but isn’t all that outgoing. He occasionally can be a smart ass and rough around the edges, but don’t take him too seriously. He also stomps to his own beat, so instead of doing what others want to do he would rather do his own thing. Has a tendency to be flirty, but it’s not intended that he wants to get in that person’s pants. He is also a hard worker.


            Liam originally lived in Alberta, Canada with his mother and father up to the age of 8, but after losing his father to a big truck accident on a snowy road him and his mother moved to Norwood with her parents. His grandparents live on a small horse ranch and he learned how to tend to horses. His mother had to get a part time job in town where her mother works, so Liam was stuck on the ranch with his disabled grandfather. His grandfather used to tend the farm, but now since his old age has caused him to have difficulty walking he works on it less and caused him to employ farmhands to help him take care of the place. Him and his grandfather spent a lot of time together on the ranch and Liam was actually taught how to ride horses by his grandfather. So, his grandfather became his father figure, since his own father was gone. Liam would also love sitting down with his grandfather and listen to the stories of where his grandfather has been.

            At the age of 15 is when he lost his grandfather to a heart disease and slowly Liam started to spiral out of control. He’d spend less time at the ranch and more time on the road. He would stay out after curfew, go too fast over the speeding limit, and have run in with the cops. He spent quite a few nights in jail through the ages of 15 and 16 unless his mom or grandmother would come to bail him out. He also ended up failing a year at school, so he ended up having to redo it again. His mother decided she had enough and held an intervention with him trying to talk sense into him, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Until when he turned 17 a new girl and her family moved into Norwood not far down the road. His mom begged him to help them out , especially the girl by taking her to and from school. He agreed and soon grew an attachment to the girl like she was his little sister.

            Liam was slowly starting to try to pick his life back up again, but until the night of his 18th birthday. When a group of his friends who worked as ranch hands decided to throw him a party themselves and involved liquor things started to get worse. He had had one too many drinks and got on the road saying “he’s going to get out of this lame town.” He ended up getting into a car accident that flipped his car over. He wasn’t injured badly thanks to the seat belt he was wearing, but he was put into the hospital. This is when Bator came upon him offering him a wish to help him get his life together.

            After making the wish Liam had to spend some time in the hospital and in jail he was bailed out again by his mom. This is when he decided he needed to sort his life out and do just what he wanted to do and explore the world. At least, first get his life together first and get a new car at least.

    -Has a tendency to doze off in any class that involves lecturing like science, or history classes.

    -Hails from Alberta, Canada and absolutely hated it there because of all the snow.

    -Owns a four wheeler and is known to go mudding on occasion. Especially after a good rainfall. He used to also own a car, but thanks to his accident it was totaled.

    -Has a collection of Postcards from all over the United States, and a few from other countries, as well as key chains.

    -Knows how to ride horses and does so on occasion

    -Considers Tallulah “Tilly”Mae McClaine to be his little sister



            "A wish? I miss my grandfather…I want to be like him..I wish I could go places like him and go at my own pace”

Soul Gem:
            Original form: The original form takes on a yellow gem that is being bitten by dog teeth. The wolf is Blue, and has orange gums, and silver teeth. The stem holding up the gem has black orbs encrusted into it.

            Portable form : It appears as a wolf fang with three yellow gems embedded into it. The top gem being the largest gem and the lowest gem being the smallest gem. There are also two blue fangs on each side of the original fang and all three fangs are separated by four silver beads. The string holding these ornaments is black.

            Magical form: In Liam’s magical form the gems are embedded into the canines of his helmet. One on each of the four teeth.


            Throwing Knives – “Black Fang” Are his only weapons. He usually has two on hand at a time.

Innate Ability:
            Speed – Thanks to his wish Liam is able to move faster and has an increased dodge (+1)

D5 attack:  le croc attaquer” - attack

            He flings a Knife at his opponent

D10 attack: “piège de vitesse - hinder

            Liam runs in circles around his enemy at high speeds and causes the enemy to become confused.

D15 attack: appel de la sauvage  - assist

            Liam howls like a wolf an increases the dodge of himself and everyone around him by +1

D20 attack: “la meute de loups”- attack

            Throws multiple knives at his opponent and increases their speed to hit into the enemy harder.



            HP: 100

            Attack: N/A

            Dodge: +1

            Other: N/A





RP Methods:

            Skype, Chat, and notes. Any style of roleplay is fine.

FFP - M07: Gunner by Chemical-Beatz
FFP - M07: Gunner
How do you look in various other classes?


So, here is Azeal with the Gunner dresssphere!
Garland - Falling Star by Chemical-Beatz
Garland - Falling Star
 Been a while since I've posted a new piece. Decided that I wanted to redraw my old character Garland and draw him using his "Falling Star" ability. Also a much different style since I drew him last.
 Hello, again everyone on Da. It has been a while since I've posted anything, but gonna be posting things soon hopefully. Since I've been at school most of my time is focused there, but seeing as I am not going to have enough money to get myself to school or other expenses I thought I'd ask for help. I'm going to open commissions again and sell them for $10. All are Full Body and colored. I've also done a lot of traditional art lately, but do not worry. I'm going to sketch it Traditionally, but ink and color it digitally.
 If you are interested please note pm me and give me information on what you'd like. I'm not going to do slots yet, so it's open to however many I can get.


Linework + Color + Simple shading: $10

 Digital: Pin Up / Pin Up Sketch / Ink and Color / Ink and Color

 Traditional: Linework / Linework Turnaround / Ink and Color / Ink and Color

All for $10

 Thank you very much for looking and I'd love to draw your ocs! I will do NSFW or SFW. I will draw both Female and Male, and I also do furry characters. I'd like to stay away from -

Anything Gorey,
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Nathan D. Chapman
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Favourite genre of music: Dance, Pop, Dubstep, Electronica, K-Pop, Rock
Favourite photographer: Sierra Nicole Lebo
Tools: Traditional - Pencils, Charcoal, Markers, Erasures, Acrylic Paints. Digital - Manga Studio 5 EX, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai
Operating System: Windows 7 - 8
Favourite cartoon character: Jake Long , Mac, and SpongeBob!
Personal Quote: "No Music...No Life" "More Contrast!"

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